“Mommy, we forgot to mend my Rapunzel doll today . . .” Abby started as I helped her get into bed.
“I know sweetie. We got busy doing so many fun things and we forgot. I can take her now and mend her while you sleep.”
“Hmmm . . .” she said with deliberation, “let me think about that.”

We snuggled for a few minutes and she passed over the doll. “Can you bring her back soon?” she said. “I’ll still be awake.”

The bow on the dress was coming off and her plush doll hair was unravelling in the back. Just minor surgery. As I sat mending her doll, I glanced up and the spool of thread caught my eye.

I’ve almost used the whole spool of thread.

In some odd way, that resonated with me. I bet I’ve had this same spool of white thread since I got married almost 11 years ago. And I’m not one to sew my own clothes or make quilts, I just replace buttons and mend tears. How many things had I mended? repaired? Enough to use up a whole spool of thread.

Maybe little things like this matter to you. Or maybe you think I should get a grip and add white thread to my shopping list. But it made me smile as I tied off the knot and laid the mended Rapunzel doll next to my sleeping little girl.