Just that cool

This “senior season” I found myself facing an impending reality. I’m getting old. I have so much fun talking and laughing with seniors during the session, but when I go to do their blog post I think, “okay, I want to make sure I describe them to be as cool as they really are”. And I start each post saying why I think this particular senior is unique and “cool”. Cool. Cool. Do seniors still say cool? How do I find a word that is hip and relevant – but that means cool? I look it up online. Yup. And you know you’re not young and trendy when you’re looking in google thesaurus to find some word that is young and trendy. Can I admit that without being uncool? Probably not. But put yourself in my shoes. How many times can I say a senior looks ‘cool’? I really do think they look cool, I’m not just saying it, but I want to be more descriptive – and want to describe the seniors in ways they will LIKE. As in they won’t want to hide under the carpet and direct everyone AWAY from what I just said about them.

But getting back to my point, here I was, looking at urban dictionary, wondering, “do people really say these things??”. Um . . . I’m feeling a little dated. Some of the words – well, I could remember when they were used in a past era. And others? I’m laughing because I have an internal resolution that no matter how trendy it may currently be, I’m just not going to say that it was “chill” or “dope” or “sick”. I guess I’d rather just say cool, and laugh!!