N Family | Murrieta Child Photographer Apr09

N Family | Murrieta Child Photographer

This cutie has her whole family wrapped around her little finger and it’s pretty easy to see why. Who can resist those gorgeous m&m eyes? It was a fun session with this laid back family. The big kids were SO helpful with the little ones and we got to capture some of the love and snuggles between them. Enjoy your sneak peek! Murrieta Child Photographer, Murrieta Family Photography, Temecula Child Photographer, Temecula Family Photography, Temecula Baby Photography, Menifee Child Photographer, Menifee Family Photography

D Girls | Temecula Family Photographer Feb04

D Girls | Temecula Family Photographer

I quickly fell in love with these sweet girls and their loving Mom! Different as different can be, yet sisters and friends. Girls – I totally enjoyed being silly with you! Plus, it was great to shoot on a cloudy day and catch some of those awesome sunset colors. Enjoy your sneak peek! Temecula Family Photographer, Temecula child photography, Murrieta family photographer, Murrieta child photographers, Menifee family photographer, Menifee child photography, Murrieta High School Senior photographer, Murrieta Senior Photography

M Family | Murrieta Baby Photographer Oct30

M Family | Murrieta Baby Photographer

This baby girl is way too cute! What you can’t see and don’t know is that she really wasn’t too sure about me. Yup. I’d say I definitely got a good dose of stink eye from this adorable twinkie. Would I photograph her again? Absolutely. By the end of the session she’d decided that I was pretty okay. Next time, we might even start off as friends. Toddlers are adorable when they walk. The flexed foot, the little hands, the baby converse, this photo makes me smile. Bottle up these sweet days and memories. A little girl loves to give her daddy flowers. Murrieta Baby Photographer, Murrieta Family Photography,...

S Family | Temecula Child Photographer Oct01

S Family | Temecula Child Photographer

Kids grow up way too fast! I’ve known both of these sweet girls since they were in Mommy’s tummy. Now it’s a total delight to watch their personalities blossom. Such sweet friends. Thanks for asking me to do your family session. I don’t know about you, but I’d be much more likely to put a Christmas card on my fridge with the next shot – instead of a traditional pose! Sisters and best friends. That’s the way it should be. I love photos where sisters are enjoying each other and laughing together! Cutest smile ever! Temecula Child Photographer, Temecula Family Photography, Murrieta Child Photographers,...

Abby | Temecula Child Photography Jul15

Abby | Temecula Child Photography

Abby and I went on a photography date together – meaning I get to take pictures and she gets to choose a treat afterwards. The reason? Well, it’s not what would be considered a special occasion. But since I have small children in my home, I’m trying to live like each day is a special occasion. My kids will grow up so quickly. Too quickly. Each day needs to be special. So we took her pictures so I would remember what she was like the summer after kindergarten. So that we could celebrate her new favorite purple dress. I want to remember how pretty and sweet she is. Plus, it’s simply fun to spend time with her. Just in...

C Family | Murrieta Family photography Jun29

C Family | Murrieta ...

You have a gorgeous family, Leah. Your boys are so amazing and polite. This photo would look great above your fireplace!! Enjoy this one while I retouch the rest of your images. Thanks for choosing me to be your photographer! Murrieta Family Photography, Temecula child...